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Customer Interface (CI) & Traffic Conversion Optimization Traffic

While quantity and quality are often cited as key performance metrics, no combination of those factors guarantees that a website will generate revenue unless it successfully converts visitors into customers and customers into repeat ones.

We analyze visitors' interactions with your website, identify performance strengths and weaknesses, and then provide comprehensive solution. Once performance inhibiting factors have been identified, we can outline enhancement strategies that will help create loyal customers and conversion, thus allowing for increased revenue.

Customer Interface, Usability & Accessibility

With the rapid expansion of the internet, many websites have given precedence to publishing vast amounts of content, as opposed to making sure the content they publish is actually presented correctly and fully usable. We feel that this has, at times, been counterproductive for websites; and for the internet as a whole. We firmly believe that high quality content that is very usable will triumph over mass volumes of poorly presented content.

Accordingly, we pay close attention to how visitors interact with websites, and how the user interface could better serve them. We play a proactive role in usability and accessibility, making sure that websites are extremely easy to use, and that they are accessible for those with disabilities. Contact us to see how we can help you to:

  • Increase the amount of time visitors will spend on your website
  • Improve the number of page views per visit
  • Simplify the process of locating the most relevant information
  • Compel users to continually revisit your website
  • Improve visitor perception of your company's brand
  • Increase Website Conversion & Performance
  • No website can be absolutely perfect in every sense of the word; that's a given. In this regard, no website will always convert 100% of visitors into a customer. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to get as close to perfect as possible.

Through years of analyzing websites and their visitors, we have learned what key attributes instill the confidence that it takes for a website to convert at the highest rate possible. We work with design, user interface and business teams to ensure your prospective clients are entirely confident in purchasing from your company, and that the conversion process is as streamlined as possible.

What do you get with SEO Investment?

  • Results that produce high return on investment better than typical forms of advertising.
  • Security in a marketing process that will conform to search engine guidelines.
  • Confidence that your business is a top priority with a transparent optimization process.
  • Access to a vast knowledge base available through our professional team of experts.
  • Success in obtaining results through customized and tested processes.
    Satisfaction in increased traffic and conversions due to a job done right.
  • If needed we can help coordinate, manage or consult your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and monitor ROI (Return On Investment). Don't use the shotgun approach to advertising when we can help you reach your goals and save you money.

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