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E-Commerce Operations & Logistics

We feel that our clients' interests are best served when we behave more like a business partner as opposed to a service provider. Accordingly, we are delighted to provide the assistance and knowledge in every department that e-commerce websites will need to prosper in the on-line world, from fundamental business logistics to complete technological operations.

E-Commerce Operation Consulting & Streamlining

SEO Investment provides invaluable insight on business logistics and operations to e-commerce companies of all sizes on every continent. We immerse ourselves within our clients' new or existing e-commerce operations, leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of global e-businesses' operating models to uncover operational inefficiencies, for which we then propose creative, cost effective and scalable solutions.

We undertake an all-encompassing and multilateral analysis of business operations, revealing inefficiencies and potentially problematic issues stemming from a broad array of sources, including:

  • IT Architecture & Website Operations
  • Product Ordering , Supply & Distribution Chains
  • Customer Support
  • Administrative Costs and Overhead
  • Where appropriate, we also operate in conjunction with clients to help find and forge long term business relationships with other service, capital and merchandise providers.

This "operations streamlining" has generated thousands of dollars for our clients through reducing baseline e-commerce operating costs while simultaneously increasing productivity, in a scalable manner.

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